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一查發現澳洲的聽力治療師薪水約澳幣 8-10萬!!





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澳洲聽力師執照發放跟審核部門是: Australia Audiology Ltd


澳洲聽力師的規定是要有三年大學  聽力系畢業

然後再加上兩年的碩士課程 (其中含一年實習)











1.1  擁有同等高等學歷(碩士), 特殊情況下若有工作經驗或是相關領域專業成就,若海外學歷非碩士仍可申請

Completion of a tertiary qualification in audiology that is assessed by Audiology Australia as being equivalent to the Australian Masters-level audiology program requirements. In exceptional circumstances, clinical experience and professional development activities will be considered when the qualification does not meet the Masters-level audiology program requirements.

1.2 學歷涵蓋最少200小時的臨床實習

At least 200 clinical experience hours completed as part of the tertiary qualification in audiology involving a range of areas such as paediatric diagnostic assessment, adult diagnostic assessment and aural rehabilitation.

1.3 語言要求: 加拿大/愛爾蘭/南非/英國跟美國不需此項證明;其他國家申請者 "雅思IELTS" 聽說讀寫最低須達到 7 分並在兩年有效期限內

English language proficiency, defined as either: a) Completion of a tertiary qualification in audiology in Canada (except Quebec), Republic of Ireland, South Africa, the United Kingdom or the United States of America; or b) An IELTS Academic Test within the past two years showing you have achieved at least 7 in all four bands: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

1.4 加入澳洲聽力治療師協會會員並付清相關費用

Completion of the ‘OS-qualified Membership and CCP application form’ including all mandatory declarations and payment of the associated documentation assessment fee

1.5 通過澳洲聽力師筆試測驗並付清相關費用; 筆試費用800元,每年四月跟十月舉行

考試過程約3.5小時。通過條件: 六個案例中必須完成五例,總成績須高於50%

Sat and passed the Audiology Australia Theory Exam for Overseas Trained Audiologists according to Audiology Australia’s requirements, including payment of the examination fee.

The exam consists of one written paper of 3 ½ hours duration. The exam comprises six cases each of equal weighting and examinees must pass a minimum of five of the six cases and achieve an overall mark of 50 % or more to pass the exam.


Upon meeting the Stage 1 assessment criteria, overseas qualified audiologists are eligible to have their application for full membership considered by the Board of Audiology Australia. Membership with Audiology Australia includes benefits such as: • waiver of the annual CCP fee; • access to a wide range of free and reduced-fee Audiology Australia and other conferences and events; and • professional advocacy, support and advice.




2.1 完成澳洲相關實習要求 (職業轉換課程)

Completion of a Clinical Internship according to Audiology Australia’s Clinical Internship Requirements and submitted all required documentation.


If you require further information send an email to or phone +61 3 9877 2727



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以上1.2階段需準備之文件清單及細節要求  :

"Overseas-Qualified Audiologists Application Procedure for Initial Certificate of Clinical Practice (CCP) "


所有原文件若非英文須由澳洲認定之翻譯師翻譯, 申請文件費用為澳幣$375元

Note that for all documentation submitted in a language other than English, both the original and a copy that has been translated and certified by a professionally qualified translator must be provided in accordance with Audiology Australia’s Translated Documents Policy.  The documentation assessment fee of AUD $375.00  


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